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In the modern world, the maxim is that every business needs a website, but why? What should your website be doing for you?

Your website should be viewed in several ways. First, it’s a marketing tool that should bring customers to you. Secondly, it can be seen as an extension of your business as a digital showcase.

Just as you invest in your marketing endeavours and the physical manifestation of your business, so you should be investing in your website. Your website should be your shop window so if you’re a plumber that thrives on personal recommendations, flag up the good feedback you’ve received by regularly updating your site with testimonials or even make Google Reviews a feature on your site. If you’re a wedding dress designer, image is everything so showcase your creations in a portfolio of your work.

Make sure your website reflects your business and engages prospective customers, so they get in touch. Whatever the extent of your web presence, we can help.

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Malware is becoming an ever-increasing problem and we offer the option of hosting sites on our server that offers robust protection and the guarantee of daily back-ups in case you get hit.