FREE Charity Website

How It Works

We’re firm believers in getting involved in our local community. We volunteer for a number of local charities providing marketing support.  We also appreciate that the smaller the charity the less likely you are to be able to get the most basic things sorted because of limited resources. A strange conundrum that as you get bigger you attract more attention, yet the smaller you are you struggle to get heard – at the exact time you need to be heard.

We’re therefore launching a new service for small local charities with is the FREE Website service.

To be eligible you’ll need to be an independent charity based in Warwickshire.

What we’ll do

We’ll design and code a simple one page website to represent your charity which will raise your profile and help donors and volunteers contact you.

What you need to provide

  • A Logo
  • Some Words and pictures
  • A phone number or email address

The Cost

There’s no cost at all. Depending on your set up there may be some hosting charges or email charges from your internet service provider, but these are usually minimal.


We’re doing one website a month, so once you’re approved then you’ll be on the schedule and we can tell you how long you’ll need to wait to get your site up.

    Website qualities
  • Mobile Friendly – 50% of consumer web traffic is mobile or tablets these days
  • Easy-to-Use Content Management System – Google wants you to engage so our sites are simple to update
  • Leading SEO Plug-In Added – Makes it easy to optimise your site for Google and other search engines

How can we help