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Our History

We were thrown into the web world almost by accident. We had a thriving magazine publishing business which rather suddenly began to not thrive particularly well after the internet really got going and people started to get into the habit of reading stuff for free. And there were we, paying writers and designers and printers and finishers and trucking them all over the place. Advertisers stopped wanting adverts in magazines too as they preferred to be able to track advertising and see if it was effective and we could see that there was a perfect storm on the horizon. No paying readers and no advertisers. So we evolved our business into something new.  We learned how to design websites and how the mystery of Google works. We evolved our journalism into writing for the web and we sidelined into video production, all of which is now grouped together in what trendy marketing people like to call content but we still quite like to call ‘writing’. We offered this service to some of our favourite clients and they liked us and came with us on the journey. Most of them are still with us today.  In time we morphed into a successful marketing business and we’re still here.

The result is that we’re different from most marketing firms out there. We’ve been through the ringer a little. Our experience is in business.  We’ve worked in an environment where you have to sell things. As publishers you have one foot in the consumer world and another in the business to business world.  We know about winning new clients and we know about how industries change and how we must change to remain relevant. We know that sales and marketing goes way beyond a funky new website. It’s about how you reach out to people and close a deal. We’ve worked with hundreds of different diverse companies. From hospitals to beauty therapists, from environmental consultants to lawyers. We work closely with our clients to do one thing – drive more business.

We don’t ever do the hard sell. All our clients start with a conversation, if you fancy having one then call Gavin on 0774 009 8092 or click into the contact page and fill out your info. I hope we can be of service.

Gavin & Katharine Griffiths

Directors – Warwickshire Marketing

BHM Media Ltd