How can 360 photos help your business

Google is committed to enabling their users to be able to explore the world from the comfort of their own home. They prioritise photos in Search and Maps so by adding photos that showcase your business, whether it’s a shop, clinic or café, then they can help people find your business through Google, the world’s largest search engine.

High resolution, seamless 360 photos give prospective customers a chance to view the layout, décor and all the hard work you’ve put into making your business the best it can be. You can also link these photos to your business website, boosting your website at the same time.

A Google 360 video tour can be viewed on a pc, laptop, tablet and mobile phone so they are an important marketing tool. Allowing your customers to view your business online can be an invaluable way to boost to customer confidence.

There’s nothing stopping you upload images yourself, but a Google Trusted Photographer has received a certification from Google based on the high quality images they have produced. Certain standards are expected, including a seamless stitching of the images and ensuring privacy rules are respected. They will also upload and publish them on the respective Google properties.

Here’s one of our recent 360 photos, taken inside Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon: